Navigating the Nullcon Experience in Goa

I attended Nullcon in Goa and found myself immersed in cutting-edge cybersecurity talks, but some logistical hiccups caught my attention. Dive into my candid take on balancing enlightening content with a smooth event experience.

My CISSP Journey

I finally achieved my CISSP certification. This article describes how I planned and did everything. It wasn’t that big of a task as others make it to be and proper planning and guidance goes a long way.

Cloud Security Roadmap

A cloud security roadmap is a strategic plan that outlines the steps and actions an organization needs to take to secure its cloud environment. It provides a comprehensive view of the organization’s security posture and helps align security efforts with overall business objectives. The roadmap …

Publishing SCC findings to a Pub/Sub

Security Command Center is Google Cloud’s centralized vulnerability and threat reporting service. Security Command Center helps you strengthen your security posture by evaluating your security and data attack surface; providing asset inventory and discovery; identifying misconfigurations, …

CKS #1: 4 C's of Cloud Native Security

Threat actors frequently find opportunities in complex software systems, and cloud-native systems are no exception. Defense-in-depth methodology, used by cloud-native security, separates the system into four tiers. The four Cs of cloud-native security are: Cloud, Cluster, Container and Code

Delete Kubernetes namespace stuck in terminating status

If you have encountered or are stuck with a namespace stuck in Terminating stage, you can remove it easily using kubectl