GCP: Get VPC peering list for projects into CSV

This script gets all vpc peering into a CSV file for mentioned projects. If no project is mentioned, it fetches list of all projects and get their VPC peering.

Kubernetes commands cheat sheet

Here are some quick kubernetes commands that are helpful for me. This list keeps on growing. These include commands which I gathered while preparing for my CKA certification. Hopefull, it might be useful for someone else as well.

Understanding Entities and Parsing relevant information

When alerts are sent to or generated by Azure Sentinel, they contain data items that Sentinel can recognize and classify into categories as entities. When Azure Sentinel understands what kind of entity a particular data item represents, it knows the right questions to ask about it, and it can then …

Getting MS Authentication Token using a Logic App

Often we need to get an access token for Microsoft Graph API and other MS services. This can be done using OAUTH REST API provided by MS. This is not at all a complex task but I have made it and encapsulated it in a logic app which can be deployed and then configured with necessary details to get …